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Helpful Links

Andover Animal Hospital is pleased to recommend additional veterinary resources to aid you in caring for your pets.

Everything you need to know about diseases that can spread from pets to people:

Give your dog the best start... Peace Love Kids and Dogs is the first online training program designed specifically for families with a dog.

To help you better understand heartworm disease

The website of the American Association of Feline Practitioners. (It has lots of information for pet owners on caring for cats, diseases, and behavioral issues. It also explains what a cat friendly practice is, and will help you understand why we have implemented some strategies to give your cat a less stressful visit)

Everything you could possibly want to know about internal and external parasites

Full of information on canine influenza

Manufacturer website (Zoetis) on Revolution for Cats (Our monthly topical product that controls intestinal parasites, fleas, ear mites, and heartworm)

Manufacturer website (Merial) (details everything about Frontline Plus for dogs and cats FRONTLINE PLUS for dogs and cats)

Manufacturer website (Merial) (details NEXGARD FOR DOGS, oral flea and tick control that is administered once monthly. You can download coupons here and also sign up to get monthly reminders!)

Manufacturer website (Merck) (details BRAVECTO for dogs, oral flea and tick control that is administered every 12 weeks. You can sign up for free emails that will remind you to give the product every 12 weeks.)

Manufacturer website (Merial) (details HEARTGARD, oral monthly heartworm preventative)

Manufacturer website (CEVA) (details all of our FELIWAY products and how to use them, including numerous articles on feline behavior and feline stress)

Everything dental for your dog or cat!

Information on things that are toxic to your pets, and an emergency number to call if you think they may have ingested something poisonous

Alphabet Soup: A Q&A About CBD