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Andover Animal Hospital

Electronic Records

You may think this is an odd service to list, but not every hospital provides this, and we have found that there is no comparison to the old method of handwriting records.

What it means is that we have no physical charts; everything is documented in our computer system. Some advantages:

1. Use of standard templates for every case requires us to always enter complete information about a patient

2. Legible information means we are not trying to read someone's handwriting which may lead to misinterpretation

3. We can easily and quickly email records to a specialist, so that by the time your pet gets to the referral hospital in an emergency, they already have complete information.

4. We can easily and quickly dicom transfer radiographs to a specialist and often have the report back the same day

5. If you are moving, we can quickly and easily print out your pet's record to take with you to your new vet - and they will be able to read the information! (It is very frustrating when we receive handwritten records from another vet - interpretation is often a challenge). Or we can email them directly to your new veterinarian for you, creating a seamless transition.

6. No more searching for charts which could be anywhere! Your pet's record can be accessed from any one of our many computers. This means quicker service for you should you need, for example, a medication filled or a question answered.

7. Because of the ease of access to your pet's record, complete documentation of every procedure, every conversation, every notation on your pet is easily recorded, with accuracy and completeness easily attained. This system makes it easy to follow our rule - if you do something you immediately document it.

Essentially, our system of electronic medical record-keeping enhances our ability to give you and your pet complete, efficient and professional service.