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Andover Animal Hospital

Pharmacy & Retail

We have an in-clinic retail display area that includes Hill's prescription diets and Purina veterinary diets as well as a fully-stocked pharmacy with medication available in-clinic and online.


We have a fully-stocked pharmacy that in most cases allows us to send your pet home with the medications they need, to start them on the treatment road immediately. When more specialized or non-routine medications are required, we utilize the services of various outside veterinary pharmacies, and often have medications compounded especially for your pet in the flavor and form that will make it easiest for you to administer.

We know that it is tempting to explore the use of online pharmacies for some of the products you need for your pet. We do advise caution on this, as not all of these products are obtained legitimately and therefore may be counterfeit; and although you may think you are getting a "good deal", you may find that we often price our products competitively with theirs, especially when you take into account coupons, rebates, and free doses. Our products also have the assurance of being backed by the manufacturer, which is usually not the case with a product purchased from a non-veterinarian.

If you still prefer to consider online companies, use these good sources to do your homework, so that you can protect yourself and your pet:


Our retail display area includes Hill's prescription diets and Purina veterinary diets. we have Gentle Leader collars, Omega-3 fatty acid supplements, glucosamine/chondroitin supplements, enzymatic cleaners for when those accidents happen,treats for cats and dogs that are compatible with special diets, Greenies, CET at-home dental care products, flea combs, tick removers, pill pockets, and a very popular line of pet odor exterminator candles (make great gifts!). We do not have a huge assortment of products, because we choose our products carefully, and we recommend the products that we have.